Dear Diary…..

It seems more appropriate these days to refer to this blog more as an outlet to express myself instead of tucking away a bound extravagant journal I would stumble a crossed …. I’d find myself grabbing my favorite fine tip sharpie pen and new favorite journal!! Now I come to my safe place…. I come here without hesitation Even though I actually share my thoughts, trials, tribulations and everything in between….I’ve always been better at expressing myself thru pen and paper. This is my story; My Memoir from the girl just trying make a dollar out of 15 cents to a woman/ small business owner. Don’t get me wrong lol I’m out rollin in the dough yet and thats ok bc I’m blessed to have the opportunity o stay home and watch my kids grow, enjoy not having to rely o that hustle mentality. Fast pace hard work but fast money. That was the girl… Now wiser due to the many lessons I’ve learned, adjustments, or pivoted from often. Patience is the key. I never understood why my YouTube instructors always had the same saying “Know your why” Bc thats what is going to get you through the not so fun stuff,. Those moments that u feel like your done, tired, not worthy of becoming who you are so desperately trying to convince yourself that you are!!! Sacrificing lol ex. My daughter and my phone bill during quarantine bc we have iPhones and can use them iPhone to iPhone when WiFi was available,… Saved me $110 a month. No fast food or curbside pick up. Instead it was microphones and wires, cords, etc… Becoming apart of a pretty cool community but still taking baby steps we are using eBays platform as our online shop. With everything being said. Today I did some major reflecting at not only my accomplishments and can see the first stream of revenue coming soon along with some other projects i will be venturing in head first of course bc it wouldn’t be me if i did it any other way!! The struggle was real for my siblings and I. Instead of becoming a statistics of repeating and living the lifestyle we were o so familiar with… I realized that it wasn’t easy or even done in the order that most take for granted and we can only dream… IT DOESNT FUCKNG MATTER!!! We have given and provided our children with stability; ROLE MODELS, and LAST but DEFINITELY VERY IMPORTANT. LIFE SKILLS AKA THE SHIT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN ADULTING. STUFF WE LEARNED BY TRIAL AND ERROR. WHICH EVENTUALLY YOU HAVE TO FIX. RIGHT YOU WRONGS MAKE SMARTER CHOICES AND NOT CHASE THE DOLLAR BUT THE WHY. My Why is my family. My mom, kids, and live life my way on my terms; Happy not rich or famous. I just want a slice of the pie lol you know like the feeling and smile as u enjoy the first savory bite into that just makes everything better!! I will never take for granted or regret this journey. Appreciate of course!! Never settle or comprise your beliefs, standards, or doubt yourself. I live by YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO. I have a vision board, affirmations, and working on where i am getting GRIT & TENACITY Tattooed. Kgcollectibles is only the beginning of many more KG’s. Watch out WOrld bc KG is up and coming. -Always & Forever Gina Marie


KG Collectible’s


I find myself visiting this page more and more often. Where it all started the journey to Success & Happiness! This blog is my safe place where I share my thoughts, milestones, turmoil, and everything between so here I was sitting on my bed shaking my leg sitting there in silence to evaluate the days events that put me at that moment of overwhelming feeling; You know the kind that makes ur stomach sink and paralyzed by the thoughts. Then it hit me terrified to actually say it out loud but here it comes…. Word Vomit! It’s not a dream or working towards. It’s Official that I my friends have finally become a small business partner!! Yep and to say the least lol working on your dream and then it’s your reality always seemed more glamorous then actually living it! Haha #dumbass (I can totally hear my older sister say that if I were telling her this!) lol and i would totally agree bc really that is just dumb… Then another thought raced across my head. Maybe I can’t let go of the chaos and drama i had lived most of my life. I NEED TO FEEL LIKE I’M STILL LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE BC THAT’S MY MOTIVATION. A plan?? Who needs one??? Don’t get me wrong I have an outline and now all I have to do is but the nut 🥜 in the nutshells, and I will have the life I have always dreamt about as a kid. We all have the occasional hiccup that catches us off guard but who doesn’t. My title or titles start with the following which in no particular order of importance goes as followed: co-owner of KG Collectible’s which includes an eBay store, content creator, investor, mom (of 2 now) fresh off lock 😂😜😳. No but seriously quarantine is how I educated myself, pivoting time from time but still same objective and overall concept has stayed the same. It is so true that well lets just call it success bc I’m not rolling in the dough or anything lmao but success and happiness is at its all time high. I’m very blessed to have the support system, my kids are happy, and I am now A GIRL BOSS. Crazy I’ve done things i absolutely despise like techy mumbo jumbo 🤯 to actually going live in front of a camera building up an awesome community. I’ve met some pretty awesome people who love the hustle and passionate. Anyone who is a collector might hurt u over the last pack of NBA Prizm Pack!!! LOL like in the old days when u would see two cowboys face off on tv as the melody of a duel was fixing to begin!!! Hahaha the metaphors I seem to gravitate towards crack me up sometimes. Sports cards and memorabilia are not the only thing we focus on. It’s definitely an IN THE KNOW kinda business which is fast paced but don’t jump in head first without knowing anything about your craft! Slow and steady will get you where you want to be. Like Robert always told me “You can’t rush a good thang Baby!” He was right especially when this is a critical time period and requires more attention and time then my 2 kids do!! It’s only been a year exactly since I Started going live and learning the ins and outs of production, editing, and hosting a show via IGTV. Which as of today instead of reviews and basics on how u start when becoming an influencer. I now try help h\guide and share some of my knowledge while sharing the latest or newest trends. Never did i imagine my partner being my step dad Keith, my mom the chief in commander lmao (peacemaker in her own very her type of waY) and now a home where my boyfriend and I are raising this beautiful family a terrible 2 year old, 15 yr. old teenage girl, an 18 yr. old step son who is such a good kid. I am so lucky to have in my life, and my younger sister who is married and is having my niece in October. I guess this is why I drop in and write down these thoughts of what a day in my shoes feels like shoot that could really break one down. Lol then again when i look back at where and what help shape me into who his woman is more patient, understanding, taking deep breath’s instead of impulsive comments which ( times out of 10 were to intentionally to hurt your feelings bc you hurt mine!! I give as often and have really tightened up my budget. Things are going to get easier…. I just got to keep my faith and block out the non-sense. KG COLLECTIBLE’S now ales the girl just tryin’ to make a dollar out of 15 cents is now trying to make this small business a brand!! So watch out bc Momma needs a new pair of shoes!!! Haha for real tho. Check out and follow us in Instagram @ kgcollectibles_ where u can checkou our Merch checkout some previously recorded lives., or if your really awesome subscribe to my YouTube channel @ KG Collectibles and can’t forget FACEBOOK @KGCollectors. If you want to just shop window is fine too haha then head over to eBay.

Yours Truly – Gina Marie

Thank you all who have supported us and can’t wait to see some new people come and say hello…. Til next time TOODLES ☺️

It’s been awhile…

When you start a journey of starting a business it feels like this paralyzing sense of wtf am I doing!!! Then I would always came here to express the thoughts going they my head and this was my way to release all the anxiety, failure, and pure doubt. Yet here I am 2 years later to not only reflect on as I am going to refer to them as my “Rookie Years” I can’t explain to my friends or family how or why I know I was meant for something great and I refused to settle and not going to sugarcoat it. I was scared to fail and have everyone tell me I told you so. Then starting at square one. Here I am tho self taught thanks to quarantine and doing what I’m known for doing quite well. Diving in head first. LOL and that’s what I did and here I am still trying to figure out balance between working on my brand and taking on the mom role. It hasn’t been easier but never expected it to be and I have shed tears, had sleepless nights letting my fears take over. Then bam quarantine happened and I had my step dad who I was already in business with and mom moved to Austin and we opened our door to them to help them get their house built LOL well let’s just say the first 3-4 months were the hardest times that l had dealt with in my life. It is also why I have actually taken steps in the uncomfortable need to (throw up/ cry like a baby) get done to have a successful business. I have never in a million years thought I would be going live via any platform Bc I have the worse case of stage freight. Yet here I am…. you got it I am a content creator and go live 2 times of the week if nothing crazy is going on, started a YouTube channel which I am still trying to get the hang of and learning studio, equipment and still mailing posting on eBay to bring in more then revenue but a community of collectors, investor’s. And try to always show a token of our appreciation. Thank you lord for blessing me with such a great support system and give me the opportunity to get the business off the ground. I have learned and put in action on all the knowledge I have taken in and I do my best to constantly give my best to the latest and greatest venture KG COLLECTIBLES. Through the good bad and not so pretty I am proud of how I have literally jumped over some hurdles I would never imagine even giving a second thought about and that doesn’t include being the mother of a 15 year old daughter and 2 year old son!! It’s been one hell of a year but I’ll get there and I’m not asking to be this full blown million dollar success story. I just want to live a happy life and not compromise my time for money Bc life is too short and money isn’t everything but it does help to provide the comforts of your personal idea of success but most importantly it is so that one day we both can pay it forward and have the pleasure of giving someone whose shoes i once wore into the opportunity to live their dream!!! Like the fairy godmother in Disney’s Cinderella says “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” “Where this is kindness, there is goodness. And where this goodness, there is magic.” “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish can come true.” And so I must keep believing!!

LOL filters come in handy for these in the moment random selfie’s after a long day!!
My Mom & Little Sister who are always there to pick me up /or support my next big idea!! They will never know how much it means to me.
I do everything for these 2 blessings I love to the moon and back!!!

I will achieve my aspirations and I will always stay humble; pay it forward!! Yours Truly- Gina Marie #thisstuffcantbemadeup

34 never looked so good!

It’s 11:21 Pm April 16th 2019 a little over a half hour away from my big 3-4 birthday and I feel amazingly blessed I’m so many ways. I have so many new endeavors I will take on but this time with a baby boy which will be another reason for the ones who want me to fail reassure themselves that I haven’t succeeded yet: there is no way I will now. Sorry guys this isn’t going to turn out in y’alls favor. This 34 ur old isn’t going to give up on my dreams. No obstacle will hold me back. I’m jumping all hurdles that try and make me fall. Mind over matter, Grit, Tenacity, persistently striving and last but not least manifesting it all into. Reality. 34 is my year. I can feel it in my gut!! Doing this for my kids. Living proof that you are in charge of your dreams. Never settle but instead reach for the stars.

The Daily Post- Study = ol·o·gy – a subject of study; a branch of knowledge.

When I think of the endless possibilities that one could study!! The unlimited amount of knowledge that you gain and how we incorporate study without even knowing. We subconsciously studying the body language of people we pass on a busy sidewalk or the study of a first impression of someone we meet.  To study based on curiosity of the unknown or from a class, book, or lecture; such as bio-OLOGY or astr-OLOGY. You could practically put OLOGY behind countless words and waa -laaa magic it turns into an objective which we focus on and go in depth of whatever the heart desires to discover about it. Endless amounts of material at our fingers tips with the ol faithful; number one go to when we have a question that you need an answer for… GOOGLE!! It has taken over the days when u actually had to pull out the encyclopedia or go to the library and spend hours researching any and all information that was available to obtain knowledge of the subject. Techn-OLOGY HAS MADE STUDYING ACCESSIBLE NO MATTER WHERE OR WHAT YOUR DOING A CLICK OR LINK AWAY.  It’s an amazing thing to have the privilege to have. So STUDY AND STUDY SOME MORE.  YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TO MUCH KNOWLEDGE

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