34 never looked so good!

It’s 11:21 Pm April 16th 2019 a little over a half hour away from my big 3-4 birthday and I feel amazingly blessed I’m so many ways. I have so many new endeavors I will take on but this time with a baby boy which will be another reason for the ones who want me to fail reassure themselves that I haven’t succeeded yet: there is no way I will now. Sorry guys this isn’t going to turn out in y’alls favor. This 34 ur old isn’t going to give up on my dreams. No obstacle will hold me back. I’m jumping all hurdles that try and make me fall. Mind over matter, Grit, Tenacity, persistently striving and last but not least manifesting it all into. Reality. 34 is my year. I can feel it in my gut!! Doing this for my kids. Living proof that you are in charge of your dreams. Never settle but instead reach for the stars.


Author: Life Confessions

my name is Gina and I have decided to try and make sense of some of my madness and hope that it can inspire or help someone else thru this thing we call life. While using this as an outlet to express myself and put some of my thoughts in a safe place. so please excuse my random thoughts unless you can make use out of them…. then carry on use as many as you would like!!

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